We are the people who do not wait for the opportunities to come to us rather; we are focused to search and find those opportunities to avail them fully to make them our success. We also believe to make trustworthy and long-term business relationship with customers and in the business circle because no business can survive without having the good relationship and satisfactory reputation.

  • All our products are manufactured & guaranteed to perform as per the specifications of international standards
  • HEXOL Lubricants will continue to demonstrate its ability in setting new standards and benchmarks across the industry with the focus on attaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • To maintain standards Hexol uses Yubase oil contains VHVI technology for its high-grade products. Our key factor to success is flexibility to adapt to our customers’ needs, and by carrying out this strategy the company will create a strong presence in Pakistan. The company is committed to providing the most recent and advanced technology in the lubricants business and maintains highly responsive and Flexible logistics to ensure timely supplies and efficient service throughout Pakistan.
  • Hexol Lubricants (Pvt) Limited seeks high-impact opportunities and places which allow us to benefit from our expertise. Our technical skills allow us to do exceptional projects cost-efficiently, deploy current technologies in new methods, lessen downtime.